Peace Children's Christmas Program - Christmas is Jesus

SAVE THE DATE: This year's Christmas Program will be held on Sunday, Dec. 17 during 2nd Service!

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Rehearsal Information:

Christmas is just a few weeks away! Letโ€™s get ready!!!

Dress for all children will be their Christmas best.

Please meet for rehearsals in the Sanctuary.

Rehearsal Schedule:

Sunday 12/10--Rehearsal after second service
Sunday 12/17--Children will be given a chance to eat brunch during Opening
and then will be called to the Sanctuary for a quick run through
during Sunday school hour
The Childrenโ€™s Christmas Service will be guided by the Board of Education. Kacy Baitz and Nicole Hudspeth will be Co-Directing.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact either of them by email ( and

You do not have to have a speaking part to participate. Kids can read scripture, speak lines, have a non-speaking part, or play a musical instrument.

We will find you a place!