Expansion Project



At the October 22nd congregational meeting, the proposed building renovation, construction and parking lot additions were approved.

The Burning Bright pledge campaign ensued and kicked off in January 2018 with a target date of completion near the end of March 2018.  Cash and cash pledges totaled $168,910.  We are still taking pledges, so it’s never too late!

RBDR was hired as the architectural firm.  All drawings were completed by early June.  City permits were requested shortly thereafter.

K4 Construction has been hired as the General Contractor (contractor at risk).  They began soliciting bids in mid-June.


Narthex Building Project FAQ

If I pledge money, do I need to pay it immediately?   No, pledges may be paid over a period of time.  But the more on hand, the less we will need to borrow.

How do I give to this project?    We have a specific pledge form, but any gifts given to the Capital Improvement Fund will be included.

Will I see progress on the building site soon?    Official ground breaking will occur during our 40th anniversary celebration but some work will likely begin well before then.

How else can I help?

  • Prayers to the Lord for the project will be necessary for its completion.

From time to time, we will use volunteers to do parts of the work to lower the cost.   (Things like painting or landscaping)