Sunday School at Home
a letter from Pastor Rynearson 

Dear all—I have been searching for some home Sunday School lessons you can use with your children.  You can download these free lessons by clicking on the Christ-Light lesson Pdf and signing in.   These materials are produced by the Wisconsin Synod.


Dear Friend in Christ,

 Even though staying indoors means worshiping differently, it doesn't mean you have to leave everything familiar behind. Now you can worship, study God's Word, and experience Sunday School as a family! NPH has the resources and materials you need to help your family stay connected to Christ.

 For a limited time, NPH is offering access to free Christ-Light lesson PDFs to teach your children at home. These Sunday school lessons are available for grades pre-K through 6th. Downloads for each age level include student lessons, a teacher's guide, and a copy master that contains activities like songs, coloring pages, skits, and more for each lesson—everything you need for simple and familiar Sunday school lessons at home. The following Bible lessons are covered: 

·     Jesus Calms the Storm

·     The Daughter of Jairus

·     The Lost Son

·     The Upper Room

·     Jesus' Crucifixion

·     Jesus' Burial and Resurrection

·     Jesus' Ascension

 There's no better time to assure your children with these lessons that in good times and bad, God is always in control.

 May God bless your time studying his Word,

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