Become a Member

How does one become a member?

Anyone wanting to join our congregation is welcome to do so after speaking with Pastor Smith.  He will assist you in making arrangements to join.

Adults become members in a number of ways:

  • Transfer--those who come from other Lutheran Churches have their membership transferred by letter.
  • Reaffirmation of Faith--those who previously attended a Lutheran Church, but haven't attended in some time, usually rejoin our church by reaffirmation of faith, after speaking with Pastor Smith.
  • Adult Instruction--those who have not been instructed in the Lutheran faith, take a course by Pastor Smith called "That I  May Know Him."
  • Baptism--any who completes the Adult Instruction Class, and who have never been baptized in the name of the Triune God, are baptized into the Christian faith under the direction of Pastor Smith.

Children become members by:

  • Baptism -- while this usually happens shortly after birth, older children are often baptized as well.
  • Transfer--when their parents transfer from another Lutheran Church.