Sunday Worship 

Distanced Physically, but Together in Christ

On Site  Worship Updates

Peace now has one Sunday morning worship service beginning at 9:00 AM.  This service will be followed by Sunday School and Adult Bible study beginning at 10:30 until 11:30.  

The Live-stream version of Sunday's Divine Worship Service can be viewed on Facebook at 9:00 Sunday Morning.  You can download a copy of the bulletin using the link found on our Home page.     If you wish to have your home service at a later time, you can view it by clicking the embedded video below or visit the Peace YouTube page.

The need to come together for worship and fellowship as Christian believers is important to our growth in the faith.  Many of you have now received a vaccination and feel more comfortable going to events.   If you have no reason to continue to worship at home, we strongly encourage you to gather with fellow believers to worship. 

Alternately, we understand that there are still people who, for very sound medical reasons, do not feel comfortable gathering in larger groups.  For those people we will continue to support your worship with the live-streaming of our worship.

Worship Service  December 3, 2023


First Sunday of Advent
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