Urgent Needs

How can you use your gifts and talents for Christ?

When you only attend the worship service, and perhaps even Bible Study or Sunday School, each Sunday, you are still missing a large part of being a member of our church and of Christ's body.  When you become involved by using your gifts and talents to maintain and grow our church, you truly become a member not just of Peace Hewitt, but of the extended body of believers.  Getting involved gives you the opportunity to learn to know other believers, to listen to their successes and to their needs.  It gives you the chance to fellowship with other believers who will be there to support you when you are in need, just as you will be there to support them in their needs. Bringing Christ out into the community is important as we continue to work to carry out the Great Commission.

 What You Might Do

  Donate Eyeglasses

  • Please donate your used eyeglasses to help others.¬† A local optometrist has volunteered to get the donated glasses to persons in need.¬† A small container has been placed on the narthex table to collect donations.

Usher Teams

  • There is currently a need for more men to act as ushers during services.¬† Working on a team means you will need to serve every 5 or 6 Sundays.¬† Please call the church office if you would like to volunteer - or talk with one of the team leaders.¬† Also look for the signup sheet on the bulletin board.

Sunday School Substitutes

  • In order to keep more continuity with our children, the Sunday School would like to have a specific person for each class to act as a substitute on those occasions when the teacher cannot be present.¬† It is preferred, but not essential, that you attend the Sunday School teacher training and you will need to have the background check completed before working with children.¬† Contact the church office. Also look for the signup sheet on the bulletin board.

Helping with Meals after Funeral Services 

  • The Fellowship Committee would like to see more volunteers to help with bringing food and serving meals after funeral services.¬† Of course, you don't need to be on a list in order to help, but it simplifies the situation if the Fellowship chairperson has a "Go To" list to call when the need arises.¬† Call the church office. Also look for the signup sheet on the bulletin board.

Care Net Volunteers

  • There are women in our community of Waco who are hurting and need help throughout their crisis pregnancy.¬† Are you the person who can provide support to these women?¬† We need you!¬† Call Stella for an interview today:¬† 254-772-6175 or email Stella@carenetofcentraltexas.org.¬† This is your ministry, and without your help we can't make it happen.

Help with Salvation Army

  • With summer just on the horizon, much of the¬†volunteer help from Baylor students that makes meals happen at the Salvation Army community kitchen is soon to¬†disappear. If you can help bridge the gap, please consider adding your contact information to a phone tree being set up to help when the kitchen needs servers. The phone tree is being set up to provide real-time help when there are no¬†assistants to serve and people on the phone tree list are agreeing to go when called (if available). Calls will be rotated so that the same person is not asked each time a call goes out. Evening meals are served daily & help is also needed on Sunday mornings (breakfast) and at Monday and Tuesday lunches.