Here's What is Happening at Peace!

(Come Join Us!)

July 26,  2021

Those Who Serve August 1

Organists: Carol Emley, Kathy Fehler, Becky Ritz, and Janice Kroll

Choir Director: Becky Ritz

Bells: Laurie Maurer

Technology:  Ann Riggleman, Danielle Hayes

Altar Guild: Roslyn Melde and Melinda Vorderkunz

Elder: 8:30AM: Don Newman                        11:00AM: Don Newman 

Acolyte: 8:30AM: Madison Bray                     11:00AM: Barrett Shelton 

Ushers: Team Eldridge: Golda Eldridge, Gary Kroll, Wynn Watson, and Nate Rynearson 

Money Counters: Ken Perry and Tom Webster

Cleaning Crew:   July 30  & 31: Team 1: Ed Ctvrtlik, Roslyn Melde, and Carrol Ctvrtlik 
                             August 6 & 7:  FFCS 

NOTICE:  Pastor Rynearson will be out of the Office July 24th - August 1st.  In case of an emergency Pastor Bergman will be on call. You may reach him at 903-724-2908.

All Leaders Planning Time

August 28th

A planning time to discuss the future of

Peace Lutheran Church!

This begins on Saturday Morning at 9: am and will conclude with lunch on August 28th

Please indicate your participation by either signing up on the bulletin board, or by emailing


I would like to thank the 19 singers who came together starting in November 2020, survived being ill with Covid 19, and continued to sing through May 2021! Way to go!!!

 However, as Laurie M. stated about the Bells of Peace, we would really like to get back to our pre-Covid numbers. We lost 3 basses, 3 tenors, 2 altos, and 5 sopranos during the Covid mess. We are extremely grateful that the Lord sent us several new singers: 2 basses, 1 tenor, 1 alto, 2 sopranos, and an additional accompanist.

 We are very sad to say “good-bye” to Clara who was such a great addition to the soprano section. Also, long time member Teresa R  has decided to go on the road with her husband. We will really miss Teresa, not just for singing, but also for her many other contributions to Peace.

 Rehearsals will start on Wednesday, August 25 at 6:30. Ensemble will start rehearsals on the following Wednesday, September 1 at 6:00.

 We need singers for all parts. We are especially desperate for sopranos.

See Becky Ritz, email her or contact the church office.

Baylor Singing Seniors Return

WE'RE BACK!!  The Baylor Singing Seniors will present a concert of various types and styles of Gospel Music on Sunday, August 8 at 6:00 pm at Western Heights Baptist Church.

Bells of Peace During the past year (2020-21), the Bells of Peace has been limited to ringing quarters in order to socially distance ourselves. I hope that in the fall we will be able to return to ringing with a full choir and our 3 octaves of bells and chimes. We would welcome anyone who would like to try ringing. I hope to have an idea of how many ringers we’ll have by late August in order to make plans for the music we will be ringing. Please let me know if you want to participate in the Bells of Peace for the coming school year. Laurie Maurer

Ruth and Esther, a Lifelight Study

The next Lifelight Study, Ruth and Esther, will begin on Thursday, September 16, at 7:00 PM. Once again we will be meeting virtually via Zoom and Linda Rynearson will serve as our group leader. The study guide can be purchased through Concordia. You can choose to purchase your guide directly or contact Marilyn Meriage,, to be included in a group purchase from Concordia.  A bulk orders of 10 or more books will mean a lower cost per book and shared shipping cost.  The last order resulted in a cost of $10.27 per book.  Do not pay until the order has been placed and the cost per book has been calculated.

Would you like to be included, and you have internet access, but you do not “Zoom?” Let us know. Perhaps we can match you with someone who can help you get started so you can join our group. A desktop computer, a laptop, or tablet will allow you to have a better view of other members, but it is possible to join with a mobile phone.  Contact Linda, Marilyn, or the church office (254-420-4729) if you have question or would like assistance.


Looking for Host

The Board of Evangelism are looking for volunteers to host on Sunday’s. The signup sheet is located on the bulletin board or you may contact Carol Ctvrtlik or Sharon Kroll.






We are still in need of volunteers to staff the nursery during 1st and 2nd service and Sunday School. Signup sheet is located on the bulletin board or contact Roselyn Melde or call the church office.


Easy App Download Page

The web page on which the download links for our app are located is once again available.  Quick access to download the app is at   or scan the QR code to the right.  Of course you can still download the app through either the Apple Store or Google Play.  Search Peace Lutheran Hewitt Texas on Google or Peace Lutheran Waco Texas on Apple and look for our Logo.